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Emissions Testing

Emissions testing is required for vehicles that operate or commute in Bernalillo County. Local law states that vehicles manufactured after 1979 are required to complete an emissions test every two years and at change of ownership. We provide a thorough hassle-free 5-step emissions test for all vehicles! Quik Check Emissions is here to remove the hassle of these mandatory emissions tests and make them a quick process.

Vehicle Registration

Everybody who has ever been to the MVD knows that long wait times are the norm. No one ever looks forward to paying a visit to the MVD regardless of their needs. Quick Check Emissions allows you to complete your vehicle registration right then and there after you complete and pass your vehicle’s emissions test. Save valuable time and bring in your vehicle and complete your emissions test and vehicle registration in one hassle-free trip. Please have your proof of insurance available.


Our Emissions Test

To learn more about our thorough emissions test, please click on one of the five steps below.

Onboard Diagnostics

Many motor vehicles made in 1996 or newer come equipped with On Board Diagnostics built into the vehicles computer. Data about the emissions of the vehicle during daily operation can be downloaded and checked against the current standards to make sure the vehicle is operating efficiently.

On board diagnostic systems were developed to help technicians diagnose a vehicle’s engine management system including emissions. This allows the technician to inform their customer of a potential problem exists regarding their vehicle’s emission control system.

Tail Pipe Exhaust Analysis

An exhaust analysis probe is placed into the exhaust pipe of the vehicle to measure the levels of harmful pollutants coming out of the vehicle. This is done at idling speed and at high speed (simulated by revving the engine). This test measures carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon emissions.

Pollution Control Test

The purpose of the Pollution Control Test is to verify the equipment installation and connections. We check to make sure that all of the parts of the emissions control system in your vehicle are in proper working order and any connections are properly secure.

Pollution Emissions Test

Your motor vehicle produces multiple emissions which can contribute to air pollution. In a sprawling city such as Albuquerque this contributes to smog. Quick Check Emissions tests to see that the emissions from your exhaust and other emissions such as gasoline evaporation are within acceptable levels.

Gas Cap Pressure Test

The gas cap pressure test is used to determine if the gas cap is holding a tight seal. The gas cap needs to hold a tight seal to prevent harmful fuel vapors from escaping into the atmosphere. A properly functioning gas cap not only limits fuel evaporation but improves gas mileage as well.