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Local Business Helps Consumers Prevent MVD Fees

Albuquerque, New Mexico – In response to the recent change to the postcard notification system for emissions test requirements, we are excited to announce a text notification system to remind residents of Bernalillo county when it’s time for an emissions test. Postcards used to indicate if the emissions were due or not. Currently the postcard from the MVD reminds Bernalillo county residents that an emissions is required every two years, leaving the responsibility on the customer to know exactly when their emissions expires. This change to the postcard notifications has increased the number of registration suspensions and fines. In an effort to provide residents with an easy reminder, Quik Check Emissions has invested in a text messaging system that will do the job better.

All residents have to do is text “remind” to 505-985-5775. The system will automatically reply and send you a reminder for your next test. Residents will then get a reminder sent straight to their phone well before their next emissions test is needed. If you have more than one car, you can simply text the service as many times as needed and the system will remind you which car and when.

Quik Check Emissions is a local business serving the Albuquerque area. Owner Sheri Wible is hoping that this system will save residents from hefty fines and the potentially worse consequences of not keeping current on your emissions. For additional questions, please contact Sheri Wible.